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The journey of a lady

She lost her father a week before her 12th public exam. She is the eldest daughter among three sisters. Her dream was to become a doctor but due to the financial condition of her family, she had to give it up. She got a chance to pursue B.Sc Electronics at the prestigious PSG College of Arts and Science almost 30 years back. She took it up. After working for 2 years, she got married at 23. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter when she was 24. She quit her job to take care of her beloved daughter. She was working as a Computer Science teacher at a well known school for a couple of years. She had to leave her job when her son was born a few months before her 34th birthday. All the while, she had her doctor dreams alive within her. With the support of her husband, son and daughter, she took up B.Sc psychology course at Bharathiar University. After passing it with flying colors, she took up M.Sc psychology at the age of 43. Getting a job as a psychologist was not an easy feat. She had to apply in over 50 hospitals. By that time, her daughter had completed her engineering and working as a content writer (Yes, you guessed it right!). Finally, she got an internship opportunity at the nearby hospital. She performed excellently. After the internship ended, she started applying again. She even started working for free. Finally, one day, her dream call arrived. She has got her first real job as a psychologist to work for Coimbatore Cancer Foundation for a very good salary. The pride she felt when she wore the white coat was equal to the happiness she felt when she lifted her daughter for the first time! Anybody who is willing to restart their career, it is NEVER too late. When you have a dream and had to temporarily give it up, keep it alive. Plan and work towards it slowly and steadily. Family support is also a must. Support your family members and loved ones when they aspire for anything. Where there is a will, there is a way. By the way, that's my mother's story. She has been my life long inspiration. She performed her motherly duties with a lot of love and care.

She is the best Mom ever!



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