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Finally...I have my own domain name and website! Hurray!

I have been asked by a number of friends, "You have been writing #fresherdiaries for a year on LinkedIn. Why don't you create your own website?" The important pact for the delay is lack of time and plans. Yes, everybody has 24 hours in a day. But I was always the last bench student in the university of time management. Now, I have organized my messy schedule and at last, opened my own website. Isn't it exciting?

Wait! Are you wondering who I am? Well, Ich bein Amrita (Yes, I can speak a little bit of German).

I am a technical content writer at Pattem Digital by day and an ardent bookworm by night. I have so many faces:- A Wanderlust, Curious geek, Foodie, Bibliophile and Caretaker. Those were just all about my hobbies and interests. In my heart, I am always that simple girl who worries about her finances while spending on Swiggy and Zomato in her office at Bangalore, the garden city and the IT capital of India.

I have my own Medium, Quora and LinkedIn accounts (Millions of people have them). My LinkedIn account is followed by 14,050 amazing folks. I am considered to be a macro influencer, all thanks to my series #fresherdiaries, through which I have successfully connected to many professionals in the past 1 year.

I have worked on 350+ freelance content writing projects in the past 2 years (I am just 23! I started my career at 21).

I have successfully crossed 2.5 million views on Quora this month. That's a feat worth mentioning (Gives a pat on my back).

Life is too beautiful to complicate- That's my philosophy.

There is more to my story. Stay tuned! Stay updated!

I will be sharing my thought process with you. Let me take you through my journey of food, love, writing, adventure, cinema, bollywood, craziness, pizza, biryani and everything that revolves around my personal globe.

See you then! Hakunama Tata!


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